After “production” and “logistics hell” is Tesla in “service hell” now ?


The Model 3 tsunami in Europe, establishing the newcomer to the “old world” as the best sold car in Norway, Nederlanden and Switzerland is good news for Tesla and its supporters.

However, the very thin-stretched service organization, completely overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing number of customers, is generating tons of negative comments on social media.

Looking at the Model 3 owners forum in US, the situation seems somewhat better, but still owners complain about lack of phone or email answers and delays with parts deliveries.

To get a first hand information, I asked my daughter about her experience with Tesla service in Las Vegas, after some repeated screen black outs made a service “visit” unavoidable. Or did it ?

Using the “service” feature on her smart phone app, Roxana picked an appointment date and hour at her convenience. As her selected preferred way of communication with Tesla is “message”, soon after she received following communication:

The soft ware update was pushed to her car same night and so far, after only two days, everything seems just fine.

Is this the new way Tesla wants to educate customers to interact with its service organisation ? … it could be. Avoiding long (and angry) phone calls represents big savings for any company’s overstretched resources.

Will Tesla’s “service-gate” in Europe, be transformed by using apps appointments and over the air updates, whenever possible?

Do you have any good or bad experience with Tesla’s European service network? Please write us at and we will publish your story under your signature. Thank you !

Dan Boboescu

My lifelong career in automotive started with design and testing of ICEs (internal combustion engines), continued with service and car sales, evolved into global seating design, requirements and knowledge management, to recently find a passion for electromobility.

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