Hyundai Ioniq long term test – 8th month report


On September 21st, 2018, Casa Auto Timisoara delivered the first electric car for Project Electromobility’s fleet. Together with Porsib, Inspiroline and the team at Casa Auto helped us accomplish the goal of our project “educating by test driving” for people interested in electromobility.

Timea and Mircea (elmob’s tech guru) loved the test car from their first encounter and named our long term test car “Ionica”

After more than 200 test drives and 14.300 km our Hyundai Ioniq, lovelingly called by its friends “Ionica”, is still going strong, with ZERO technical problems whatsoever.

Tested and verified frugality, compared to another efficiency champion the Tesla Model 3, continues to be the joy of every day commuting since spring temperatures brought the average weekly consumption back to 12 – 13.5 kWh/100 km. The cost of energy consumption is less than 1.8 euro for 100 km at current pricing in Romania (13.4 eurocent / kWh).

Ionica charging at Kaufland – Deva 50 kW CCS station

Fast charging of its small 28 kWh battery makes longer trips possible without delays and range is sufficient for every day commute and additional errands. Even without 100 kW fast charging stations, we never had to stop for more than 30 minutes at Kaufland’s 50 kW CCS charging stations, before continuing our trips from Sibiu to Timisoara, Brebu Nou or Bran and Brasov.

Charging at regular 220 V socket at Pensiunea enduromania, Brebu Nou

Daily charging is not required anymore since outside temperatures are above 10 C and the 100% charged battery allows for over 200 km range. During cold winter days we charged daily at the regular 220 V socket and benefited from the preheating function. This is one of the most beloved features, as the interior was warm and all windows defrosted, no matter how cold Sibiu winter mornings were.

Catalin (at his first EV experence) and Roxana safely drove Ionica to the first edition of ElectRoMania, EV meeting in Bran and Brasov Auto Show.

Everybody driving Ionica falls in love with the smooth acceleration, comfortable ride, ease of operation and “one pedal driving”, dash board and commands being more conventional than the minimalist interior of the Model 3.

Two complaints voiced by several test drivers are:

  • low visibility in rear view mirror
  • range

Looking forward to the 2020 Ioniq refresh, we expect range to increase to almost 300 km with the larger battery, even if the overall shape (and rear visibility) will remain unchanged.

Same great technology and efficiency packed in different shapes and forms is available on related models of the Hyundai Kia group, Hyundai Kona, Kia Soul and Kia Niro.

Looking forward to the Ioniq’s summer time performance and economy with air conditioning running on longer vacation trips.

Dan Boboescu

My lifelong career in automotive started with design and testing of ICEs (internal combustion engines), continued with service and car sales, evolved into global seating design, requirements and knowledge management, to recently find a passion for electromobility.

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