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The northern part of Romania is a land of natural beauty, hospitable people, long history and great stories about the local mix of a diverse ethnicity.

It is also that part of Romania where the best wood work is coming from, with laborious sculpted gates demonstrating the skills of local carving experts and the owner’s wealth.

On my first trip, back in 1977, traffic was light , roads in decent shape and riding a bike together with two friends, was the best way to enjoy close up the scenery, the people , the traditions. Starting in 1982 to 1998, I returned every year to the area for the National Rally Championship race and sometimes for winter vacation in Borsa or Suior.

Oxigen – GTG’s fisrt homologated electric city car

These days, was the first time I traveled to Maramures in spring, enjoying the flowering orchards, covering most hills around scattered villages. It was also the first time I traveled by electric car, being driven around by Lala and Gheorghe Muresan, the family who dares to assemble electric city cars in Baia Mare, the capital of Maramures.

We met before in Bucharest, for the car show in October, and agreed to meet again, before start of production of the Oxigen, the two door version of the mini car assembled by GTG in Baia Mare.

Ghita driving the four door version of the electric city car

Lala and Ghita Muresan are serial entrepreneurs, taking chances and risks, winning and loosing, starting and closing businesses, but always following their dreams. This time it is the dream about electric vehicles, to reduce noise and clean the air in our polluted cities.

Resourceful and dynamic, they do not fit in the description of the “average Joe & Jane” taking chances in different directions. They are not the “average world traveler” walking the UNESCO heritage attractions, taking pictures and going for the all inclusive comfort of shiny resorts.

Their type of ideal vacation is camping on the frozen Baikal Lake in winter, or walking Kamchatka’s roads to untouched landscapes and taking a morning “showers” in the river, looking out for bears.

Even at home, for Ghita skiing means climbing the hill by foot, and visiting Maramures, means flying almost like a bird in the sky, paragliding.

Why does this all matter for an investor ? … for me it is the best business card, to look out for partners who want to take on building electric cars in Romania and are in search for the like-minded people.

Courageous, but not crazy, skilled and open minded, Muresan family together with their partner Andi Ostroveanu in Cluj, are up for writing some pioneering pages of electromobility in Romania and their company GTG just completed the homologation for the first affordable Romanian electric city car.

Lala driving the Tesla Model 3

We used a Tesla Model 3 for our trip from Baia Mare to Sighet, Sapanta, Huta Certeze and back to Baia Mare. During the quiet electric gliding over the hills and down the valleys I learned more than ever about local history and ethnography and enjoyed a traditional Romanian lunch in one of the local restaurants.

Restaurant summer garden in Sighet

Same as traveling with an excellent guide makes the trip enjoyable, doing business with experienced local entrepreneurs, increases the chances for success.

If you are interested in investing in GTG’s electric car manufacturing process, please contact Gheorghe Muresan at 0040 744 555 745.

Dan Boboescu

Maramures and Tara Oasului tour with Lala and Ghita Muresan

Dan Boboescu

My lifelong career in automotive started with design and testing of ICEs (internal combustion engines), continued with service and car sales, evolved into global seating design, requirements and knowledge management, to recently find a passion for electromobility.

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