Tesla Model 3 Easter test drive in Sibiu


Hosted by our long term partners at Porsib, the Tesla Model 3 Easter test drive around Sibiu was two days of pure joy, discussing with very knowledgeable people the current development of electromobility in general and the major benefits of purchasing an electric car in Romania.

Sibiu is my home town and Romania’s first European cultural capital city, back in 2007. Locals are open minded, friendly people, outdoor and nature oriented, a great crowd to test the convincing power of the “education by test drive” concept, promoted by our Electromobility project.

It is important to talk about sustainable energy and pollution in major cities during our test drives, and it helps a lot being immersed in the beautiful scenery around Sibiu.

However, the economy of driving an EV in Romania was the most sought after topic. The cost of electric energy consumption, compared to gas and diesel, the generous subvention for EV customers, over 10.000 euro (combining the “eco-ticket” with the “rabla” program), the low maintenance cost of EVs, by eliminating oil and filter changes became main topics.

Discussing the current, very limited, offer of EV models in Romania, was another interesting subject, few participants interested in small EVs knowing about the GTG electric city cars assembled in Baia Mare, starting at 6800 euro.

Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Smart, eUP and the exceptionally fuel efficient Hyundai Ioniq are on many potential buyers’ radar. At the upper end Jaguar iPace and Audi e-tron are targeted by few.

However, I realized again the magic of the Tesla brand and the attraction for the minimalist Model 3 design, even if buyers do not get the subvention, Tesla not being officially present in Romania.

Social media postings after the test drive left no room for doubts:

  • “I fell in love with Tesla”
  • ” a lifestyle, more than a simple car”
  • ” one EV dream came true”

As Marius Barsan, the local organizer of the Easter Model 3 test drive in Sibiu, works for Continental, I got to meet many of his colleagues. A young and enthusiastic generation of engineers, immersed in the future of automotive, designing and testing vital subsystems for autonomous cars, breaking systems, steering and electronics.

I also met some working for transmissions, who understand very well the longer term impact of EVs on their job, but nothing could spoil the joy of quietly sliding with Model 3 on the winding roads around Sibiu.

Probably one of the brightest memories from this event, introducing 37 people to electric cars, was having young Alex and Radu Barsan on board and receiving pictures of their self built “electric toy cars” after the test drive.

Once I learned they asked their parents when will they buy an electric family car, I can only say good job project Electromobility !

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Another generation is on the path to take better care of our planet, than we did.

Pictures by Gina Stef & Gabriel Bogdan  www.mirrorism.com

Dan Boboescu

My lifelong career in automotive started with design and testing of ICEs (internal combustion engines), continued with service and car sales, evolved into global seating design, requirements and knowledge management, to recently find a passion for electromobility.

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