Tesla Model 3 delivery in Las Vegas

In our first anniversary article for project Electromobility  we made a promise and stated: We will also track another brand new Tesla Model 3, LR, RWD, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and driven daily on a 50 mile daily commute by Roxana (vegasteslagirl on Istagram), to better understand behavior in extreme heat and how full-time AC usage affects energy consumption, similar to what we did during the harsh winter in Sibiu with the Ioniq and in Norway with Model 3.

After being delighted by the test drive, and the easy way to place an order from her smart phone, here is Roxana’s first day experience with her new Model 3 in her own words. Pure being on cloud number 9 feeling as the title picture shows !

Tesla Day1
My Tesla Model 3 was originally scheduled to be delivered on March 22, 2019. On March 21, 2019 I got a text that it was ready and they could bring it to my house at 5pm

I rushed home from work, and got there 2 minutes before my Tesla. I turned on the Tesla app and was able to see where the driver was on the map and how fast they were going! I go back inside to let my dogs out and my doorbell rings, my Tesla is here!


I ask the lady how she was doing, she said they’ve been super busy and I could tell she was pressed for time. We go inside and she starts going through a folder  of paperwork that need my signature.

Once I’m done signing everything (after 3-5 mins), she asks me to pull up the phone app. She quickly goes through how to lock, unlock, charge, valet mode, and that’s about all I can remember because I was too excited to listen further!

She had already called her Uber for pickup as soon as she got to my house, so she only had 5-8mins at most to go through all paperwork and the app features. She hands me the „keys” (Tesla card), wishes me luck and leaves in her Uber.

I had test driven a Model 3 for about 5 minutes 3 months before my delivery date. So theoretically the car shouldn’t have been too foreign for me. I approach the car and realize I couldn’t remember how to open the door. Kodiak, quick to try to open, figures it out.

We sit in the car and I’m now wondering how do I start it?! Is there a start button? where do i put my key? So i’m now searching for a video on my phone ‘how to start tesla model 3’. Meanwhile, Kodiak is exploring the car and the compartments, seats, etc.

I finally figure out that the car is apparently already on and that I just needed to put it in gear. I put it in gear and reverse it off my driveway and park in front of the house so I can now adjust mirrors. I remembered from the test drive how the Tesla driver (Thanks Brandon!) showed me to adjust my mirrors, so I proceeded with those steps.

Now that my mirrors were good, I started driving it (VERY slowly!) through the neighborhood …

Roxana Boboescu, Las Vegas, Nevada

Never alone with a Tesla in Vegas

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