Tesla Model 3 in Vegas – first day

After ordering a brand new Model 3 from the familiar comfort of her smart phone, without any pressure from some pushy sales person, and receiving the car delivered on her driveway in sunny Las Vegas, Roxana’s electric adventure just starts.

Here are some impressions from her first day as a Model 3 owner, after being completely satisfied for eleven years with a faithful, basic, NO TECH, Mazda 3:

„After my car got delivered, I drove it around the neighborhood for 10 minutes and then parked it in the garage, I was overwhelmed by all the technology and features, it was too much to handle for one day.

My previous car was a base model Mazda 3 and therefore it was very simple but reliant vehicle, very good gas consumption overall, but it did still put out emissions. My main purpose for getting a Tesla was to no longer put emissions in our atmosphere.

Why a Tesla and not a Nissan Leaf, or Chevy Volt or something else? Because I’ve been dreaming about a Tesla since 2009 when I first saw a Tesla on display at the newly opened resort, City Center.  I believe that was a Tesla Roadster and it looked like a car from the future, never would I’ve guessed back then that in 10 years I would own it’s affordable brother, Tesla Model 3

So after I drove it around the neighborhood for 10 minutes, my new Tesla stayed in the garage for next 12 hours until I had made up my mind that I was going to keep it and not return it within 24 hours of delivery.

Why did I consider returning? Because I felt I was in over my head with the technology of the car and the financial loan. A week later, I still have it so that’s good. 

I started driving it to work and learning the features, a little bit every day. I started getting used to the way it accelerated and decelerated and my driving was no longer choppy, like I had just gotten my driver’s license. 

Secretly I still wish that I could drive my simple, base model Mazda 3 with an electric engine instead of combustion. Too bad Mazda doesn’t make electric, they’ve lost me as a customer.

Roxana Boboescu, Las Vegas

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