My Experience with Electric commuting

I will cover my experience with the electric car going daily to work on the same route and heavy traffic conditions.

You will learn:

  • how do 20 kilometers daily in an electric car actually feel like
  • consumption, charging, parking
  • my overall impressions

The Daily Route

My daily commute to work starts somewhere in Giroc and ends in Timisoara near Iulius Mall: the distance is 10 km one way, thus making 20km in total at the end of the day.

This route takes me in the morning and in the evening through the heaviest traffic that Timisoara can offer and it is mostly stop and go .. stop and go.

I end up spending up to 40 minutes in the traffic one way.

How 20km in heavy traffic feel like

Like anyone who already had a ride in our Hyundai Ioniq Electric (a.k.a „Ionica„):

  • the car is well insulated from noise
  • has good air filters so that you don’t breath the toxic fumes from old diesel and gas vehicles
  • the suspension feels well calibrated offering a comfortable ride
  • the steering wheel is precise.
Random encounter with a Tesla in the heavy traffic


Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a car that will adapt to your driving style immediately:

  • Drive it aggressively and that will reflect with a drop in the total available kilometers.
  • Drive it wisely and it will reward you back with more kilometers to spare.

Of course, that’s no different than any fossil fuel car, but with this car I noticed something interesting when I drove it „wisely”: the electric car consumed only 3 kilometers from the total available in a 10 kilometer long route, with my style of driving !

In other words, I started from home with 219 kilometers and ended with 216 available kilometers at work (overall consumed only 6-7 kilometers for the home -> work -> home route).

..this became like a daily game: I challenged myself to consume as less kilometers as possible to get to work!

One Pedal Dive: Keeping the car at level 3 breaking in the city


I’ve done most of the charging from home because I have an available Euro-Plug outside. However, I could have easily charged for free from Kaufland, Lidl and other locations from the city while also doing some quick shopping.View this post on Instagram

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I also discovered the fact that there is a EVConnect charging site right in the parking log in the mall:

Tesla Charging at one of our partner’s evconnect stations in the mall


I’ve preferred to keep the car safe in the multi-level parking at Openville the days I had it.

I am aware of the fact that in Timisoara you can park for free in most of public places and I am researching more on that.

Parked near a Toyota C-HR Hybrid


I was quite sad when the electric car went back to Sibiu, because being with „Ionica” felt like you have your own hidden novelty from the world and each day you simply blend in the traffic a little bit happier.

Each commute felt more tolerable and every morning I was exited to just get up and go!

I still wish more people want to experience electric cars instead of just discussing numbers and judging without trying – you don’t have to buy it now, just check it out.

In the end

Perhaps, one day.. our beautiful developing city will become more silent thanks to more electric cars, drivers more relaxed and at ease with themselves.

Perhaps then you can leave the window(s) down in your own electric so that you can breathe clean air and just be happy to be alive.

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