Happy Birthday Tesla !

At 16, the EV’s rebelious teenager is defining the standard for the new global automotive industry.

The wise, 100+ years experienced global giant companies first ignored, than ridiculed, and in the end had to take notice of the new kid in town.

Lately the „old” companies try running to catch Tesla, but the results so far are not convincing. Their huge organizations, heavy headcount and processes, defined during a different automotive world-order, do not provide them any advantage in the race with the nimble and unapologetic youngster.

Yes, the giants have many global plants, too many ! And yes, they have 100+ years of experience in manufacturing, logistics and service, all areas where Tesla needs improvements.

But they also have the shackles of tens of billions invested in engine and transmission development and manufacturing, in huge organizations with powerful unions. Their gigantic dimensions would affect the job market in any country and the well being of thousands of families are on the edge, if they would move quickly to EVs, if they only could.

But can they? … even German magazines are critical of the beloved Audi brand’s first electric child the e-Tron. The Jaguar i-Pace is a wonderfully designed EV with gorgeous interior, but falls behind Tesla in efficiency and software.

„Tesla killers” are click-bite titles so far, even if EV lovers would like to see some real competition generating a healthy race for better efficiency, performance and lower prices.

A dedication from all Tesla lovers

Dear Tesla, it is amazing what your team and visionary leaders have achieved so far in only 16 years ! We wish you to succeed in your mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

team electromobility

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