1500 km de electricitate gratuita folosind codul Tesla


Dupa ce recent sistemul de referinte din partea proprietarilor Tesla a fost intrerupt, datorita costurilor pentru firma, cum se explica intr-un mesaj semnat Elon Musk, o noua varianta a fost reinstituita.

Gasiti in continuare textul integral al mesajului Tesla:


Last year, Model 3 became the best-selling luxury car in the U.S. This achievement was a result of the passion and pride of Tesla owners like you – thank you!

We discontinued our referral program because of the significant cost to the company, but we’ve just introduced an all-new referral program to give customers another way to share what they love about their cars. The new program is restructured with some great new awards, including free Supercharging and numerous chances to win a Founders Series Roadster or Model Y signed by Franz and myself. You can find your referral code in your Tesla app. We hope this gives you another reason to share what you love about your Tesla and encourage your friends to try one out.

Thank you for being a Tesla customer and for supporting our mission. It is always good to remember what a difference you make to people’s lives, the environment and to the future.

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Dan Boboescu

My lifelong automotive career started with design and testing of ICEs, continued with service and sales, followed by 20 years of global seat design, requirements and knowledge management. My recently found passion for electric vehicles found its home at www.24auto.ro and electromobilitate.

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