Energy use to maintain car temperature during summer

Summer is vacation time and fun travel time, but as temperatures are rising, people interested in EVs are wondering about AC energy consumption and impact on range.

What better place to test AC impact on a Tesla Model 3 LR, RWD than Las Vegas ? Even global companies have proving grounds in the area and caravans of prototype vehicles can be sometimes watched crossing Death Valley National Park roads in grueling hot weather tests.

Our very basic test started with a question about energy use, to keep the car cool during summer travel. We asked Roxana for information, which she gladly provided after taking pictures of the „climate on” mode.

The experiment started Sunday morning at 11:07, outside temperature 93 F (33.9 C), AC set on 72 F (22.2 C) interior temperature and available range 131 miles (211 km).

After 1 hour and 29 min parked in full sun, at 12:34, the outside and inside temperature was at same values and range dropped by 6 miles (9.7 km).

6 miles after one and half hour seems like a very reasonable „range sacrifice”, to get in a cool car at noon.

We also looked at the impact of „climate on” function on energy usage, comparing the overall average consumption after 5731 miles (9223 km) with the value recorded since last charge.

Over the last 103.8 miles (167 km) of commute with AC on and „keep climate on” function usage, the average energy consumption increased by 2.6% (237 Wh/mile vs. 231 Wh/mile).

As we stated during winter testing, the eco-friendly interior temperature control of EVs is for sure underestimated. Getting in a warm car in winter and a cool car in summer, represents a great comfort enhancement, and contributes to the overall well-being and safety of passengers.

Thank you Roxana and #vegasteslagirl for the information and pictures.


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