Project Electromobility – step 3


Our Electromobility project started one year ago, with the objective to educate people about the electric car ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of electric individual mobility.

New EV models, charging infrastructure, how things work in an electric car, batteries and the entire life cycle of electric vehicles components were the focus for almost 400 articles, published in the online magazine


End of September 2018, we acquired the first Hyundai Ioniq electric car, to provide test drives for people interested in EVs, who never a had a chance before.

“Ionica” – our fist electric car of the project

November 2nd, 2018, we added a Tesla Model 3 long range, rear wheel drive to our mini fleet. This allows a better comparison between short range vs. long range, and front wheel vs. rear wheel drive EVs.

Tesla Model3 – our second car of the project

Delivered in Michigan and shipped over to Norway, from Baltimore, our Model 3 provided so far the opportunity for 43 drivers in US, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Romania, to experience for the first time an electric vehicle.

Early March our Tesla met the Hyundai Ioniq in Sibiu, who had done the same for over 100 drivers in Romania, for what we defined as “Step 3” for project Electromobility, the parallel test driving of both cars. As we receive opinions from the participants, we publish their stories and reward the best articles with even more test driving.

Our Goals

Our goal to educate the public about EVs by driving.

It is obviously the most efficient method to break the mental barriers and prejudice against the new technology.


To be able to continue offering free test drives, and increase our test fleet, we are in search of dedicated partners, who are willing to contribute to our mission to educate and contribute to the adoption of electric mobility. For more details please contact me at [email protected]

Dan Boboescu

My lifelong automotive career started with design and testing of ICEs, continued with service and sales, followed by 20 years of global seat design, requirements and knowledge management. My recently found passion for electric vehicles found its home at and electromobilitate.

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