Diesel road trip, why I love driving EVs !

Since November 1st, 2018, when we picked up our new Tesla Model 3, I only drove electric vehicles for Project Electromobility and for personal use. No matter if the vehicle was a Tesla, Renault Zoe, BMW i3, or our beloved Hyundai Ioniq, the joy of electric driving was always there.

Diesel day trip from Timisoara to Corvin Castel in Hunedoara

Recently I drove to Hunedoara, to meet some dear friends from Baltimore during a Corvin Castel visit and had to borrow a car for one day. LUCKILY, I got a manual Diesel vehicle, which helped me to better understand the joy of electric driving every single kilometer of our 364 km tour.

It all begun with starting the engine and diesel vibrations bringing the body alive with a symphony of squeaks and rattles.

Soon after, at the first traffic light I realized how much I missed the regenerative breaking function, when I had to stop the car. What a waste of energy … !

Next step at the gas pump was worth, because the fuel was leaking from the nozzle actuator and my hands got oily with fresh pumped diesel.

Getting some heat in the car took about 15 minutes, which seem like a very long time on a cold morning, compared to the instant heat provided by electric vehicles or the preheated interior, easily programmed for EVs.

The drive is loud and passing must be done with great care. No instant acceleration here. Shifting is frequent on two lane roads, no matter if it goes up or down, as you have always to search for the right gear.

This does not seem natural anymore, after driving electric cars for a while, because EVs always have the right amount of torque to get you out of the tightest corners up the hill and enough regen breaking to protect the brake pads and discs from overheating, when going down a steep descent.

On the positive side, no range anxiety whatsoever with the Diesel, no lengthy recharging for the battery. But wait … during our 364 km and almost six hours long drive, because of congestion and frequent construction, we took a lunch break.

My 90 years old dad, enjoying the view of the Corvin Castle

This was not driven by the „limitations” of EVs, as electro-skeptics like to point out, but because of the joy to take in the view, sit with friends for a good meal, talk and just enjoy life.

And … „one more thing” … 364 kilometers is well bellow Tesla’s range, so dreaming about long day trips in a quiet, vibration free, clean car taking care of most driving chores is not beyond the reach of modern EVs.

So what else electro-skeptics? … oh yes, I can hear you … the acquisition price. Well, comfort and technology has its price (for now) ! … doesn’t it ?


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