Electric driving close to Timisoara, the European Culture Capital in 2021

For many reasons, starting with over 700 years of history, European „firsts” in electrification of street lighting and public transportation, cross cultural mix and openness, Timisoara was chosen to be European Cultural Capital in 2021.

Located in a flat plain, crossed by the Bega river, there is not too much to be expected from its surroundings, or is it?

Elmob and Inspiroline visiting Recas winery. NEVER drink and drive !

Even for locals there is still much to be discovered and the fast development of new enterprises, based in traditional locations, like Recas and Herneacova are encouraging.

Inspiroline team, founding partners of Electromobility project

Project Electromobility organized on Saturday, March 30th, a special event for our partners at Inspiroline, combining electric driving in a Tesla Model 3 with a visit at Herneacova Domain horse jumping competition.

The experience of quiet electric gliding over the hills, on the road from Recas to Herneacova is in itself exhilarating for all first time EV drivers. Understanding how regenerative breaking works and experiencing the instant torque and crisp acceleration of the Model 3 is worth the short drive to this area.

However, watching beautiful horses during the jumping competition is one of the best views of collaboration, between the riders and their highly trained horses.

Sitting in the sun and sipping a good coffee together with the Inspiroline team, my thoughts were flying to an old age, before noisy, stinky cars did conquer the roads, and horses were the heroes of individual mobility.

Of course, next thought was about a new quiet world without noisy , stinky cars, once electrification is complete … Just daydreaming folks … ?


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