Model3 and the Black Forest Mountain Roads: one unforgettable electric drive

Our perfect Tesla Model 3 driving day

We wrote about the highlights of our trip: from Livonia, Michigan all the way to Timisoara, Romania, and we now believe the 200 km in the „Schwarzwald” region needs special attention.

After sixteen long days on the road we found in the Black Forest mountains a special „chemistry”: between us, the car and the nature.

Before we say more, we would like to give a shout out and a „Danke dir !” to our german friends which offered us great hospitality.
Both are now retired after long careers in the German Automotive Industry, including Mercedes.

Next, some other important factors that helped with the great road-trip experience were: perfect winter weather with beautiful sunshine and nicely cleaned roads, which were enjoyed from the comfort of the car.

And finally.. the last ingredient, was the actual car: our long range, rear wheel drive: Tesla Model 3 (US spec).

Model3 was definitely enjoying the winding roads, the ups and downs, the hairpins, the steep climbs and abrupt valleys as much as we did !

Icy Norwegian roads were an interesting drive and the electronics is doing an amazing job of keeping the car under control, despite the huge instant torque.
However, after several hours it just got a little bit too much snow on the road, ice, and then slush.

I have to admit not being a big fan of freeways and with a quiet electric car and all the automation it gets boring very quickly.

The Autobahn is fast, but full acceleration followed by full braking at the next speed limit zone, is not exactly what improves an electric car’s energy consumption.
Still, we are convinced, that the Model 3 can keep up with most speed junkies.

The „electric delight”

The „electric delight” comes on clean mountain roads, where the instant torque, regenerative braking, low center of gravity and somewhat stiff suspension, are all in the playful hands of the driver.

You never worry about finding the right gear, never concerned about helping the brakes with additional engine brake.
Don’t need to prepare switching into a lower gear to help the car „climb”.

Short stop to enjoy the lovely mountain views

The steering

It is very precise and by choosing between comfort, standard or sport, every driver will find the perfect mode.
The mode which fits best to her or his expectations.


We loved the scenery and Model 3’s large windows and roof allows you to feel part of nature, gliding quitely over hills and valleys.
After climbing the Feldberg Pass, the highest in the area at 1200 m , we captured the energy signature required from our Model 3 to get to the top and slide into the next valley.

The energy signature required from our Model 3 in the Black Forest Mountains

This was our first electric mountain drive, but for sure not the last.
Many more to come!

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